Clever Hand Celebrates 25 Years in Wellesley With a Community Mosaic

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Clever Hand Gallery's anniversary mosaic

For our 25th anniversary in Wellesley and the 45th since our founding in Sudbury, the Clever Hand Gallery decided to invite the community to participating in making a mosaic. Debbie Harary, one of Clever Hand’s glass artists, has many talents, so she sketched an open pair of hands. That seemed like the perfect beginning. Quilter Liz Foss had lots of felt scraps, so she cut them into all kinds of brightly colored shapes. 

July Jubilation is Wellesley Square’s annual street festival. We had a tent with a table covered with the felt pieces, paper and glue. We invited everyone to make a square that would become a piece of the mosaic. Those who wanted could make an outline of their hand and color it in or fill it with designs.

family working on mosaic
Young girl making a square for the mosaic

Most of those participating were children. From the very start, we loved how intent the youngsters were. We were blown away by the vibrancy of their designs. We photographed each piece and the participants could take their creations home.

Girl with finished piece
boy with finished piece

Then the fun of assembling the mosaic began. We made copies of the photographs and a team of us gathered at Debbie’s house to cut and paste hundreds of pieces to create a large piece.

Girl with finished piece
boy with finished piece

Slowly the mosaic took shape.

. . .  and the fully formed hands emerged.

Once the mosaic was finished we realized something was missing. . . . all the youngsters who helped us create it. We’d taken pictures of everyone at July Jubilation, so we did a photographic mosaic (digitally done, no gluing tiny bits of paper) that included the young artists. Thanks to all of them, and THANK YOU WELLESLEY for supporting us for 25 years.