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  • Knowing the hands that made these makes each item more personal and more precious. Thank you for all these years. Sheila C.
    Wellesley, MA

Marcia Dean – Jewelry



Many of Marcia Dean’s earrings, bracelets and necklaces feature intricate designs such as trees. To make these, she uses a template of her original drawing and scribes her design onto a flat piece of gold or silver. She drills holes where the design calls for an open space and precisely hand cuts the desired shapes with a jeweler’s saw, then textures and finishes each piece.
Opals are a favorite of Marcia’s because of their flashing color movement and one of a kind complexity. Each opal pendant and ring is designed around the shape of the featured stone using various combinations of sterling silver, 14K and 22K gold. Custom orders, including wedding bands, are available.