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  • I love your crafty pottery and glamorous, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Lisa Knebel – Pottery



Lisa Knebel’s pottery combines beauty and practicality. Although her bowls can stand alone as decorative objects, she likes to have them used and enjoyed every day. All pieces are made from high fire porcelain or stoneware with lead free glazes. Lisa throws or forms most pieces on the potter’s wheel. Sometimes she carves or stamps a piece to add a design or texture. All of her work is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Starry nights, the changing patterns of sand and water, the designs and colors of seashells are all inspirations for Lisa’s pottery. Most of her pieces have a spiral pattern. Sometimes she creates the spiral in the wet clay as it spins on the potter’s wheel. Other times she creates it with glazes and wax resist.

Lisa Knebel teaches pottery classes and has a studio at Mudflat in Somerville, Massachusetts. She lives in North Reading.