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  • Your mugs have brought so much joy to me over the past few years as I use them every morning! Joan Brunetta
    Northampton, MA

Ann Schunior – Pottery


Ann Schunior sagger fired pottery

Ann’s pottery is inspired by the animal images on traditional crafts around the world. Her forms come from the unfailing shapes of simple functional ware, but her surface designs come from animals drawn on petroglyphs, wood carvings and fabric paintings of Native American and African cultures. She travels widely to meet craftspeople that still work in the old ways.

She has been delighted to find that in many non-industrialized countries, excellent crafts are still being made with these designs. Her pieces are for daily use: plates, bowls, cups, and platters. Her work is safe in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. Forever in awe of what fire does to clay and glazes, Ann relies on the flames of the kiln to produce color variations from piece to piece.

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