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  • I love supporting local artists! Barbara A.
    Southborough, MA

Links to the Past by Ruth Treitman

Here I am working on one of my “signature” loop-in-loop silver chains. The technique is at least 5000 years old. It’s a way of joining links without soldering them together. Try making a chain of elastic bands to get the idea.  Gold, silver and bronze chains made this...

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Snatches of Memory by Nan Burke

When I think of favorite places, I have snatches of memory to choose from: a sunset at a beach, several trees up on a ridge with a tinge of fall color, a mountain stream. As an artist, I abstract key elements, recreating and reinterpreting them in glass.   When...

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Jackie Mosher demonstrates bead crocheting

Jackie Mosher’s necklaces start as more than a thousand tiny beads, carefully strung in a precise sequence on nylon thread. The color and style of the beads that she selects will determine the pattern.

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Ann Schunior talks about her animal images

People ask me if my inspiration comes from Native American designs. Others assume the designs are primarily African. Actually, the animals come from ancient and indigenous designs from all over the world.

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